De Heus Cambodia secures $15m loan from ADB

09 August 20222 min reading

De Heus Cambodia signed a $15m loan contract with the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The company is planning to make investment in increasing its storage and processing capacity for animal feed production in Kampong Speu province.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and De Heus TMH Company Limited (DH-TMH) signed a $15 million loan to boost Cambodia’s agricultural feed sector by expanding DH-TMH’s storage and processing capacity for animal feed production in Kampong Speu province.  

The additional storage and procurement of processing machinery will promote efficient feed production. This will allow the company to buy more local raw materials like maize, rice, and cassava from smallholder farmers within its supply chain, enabling a supply of affordable, high-quality feed for livestock and fish farmers. With investments in storage, maize can be stored for extended periods, making the supply chain less dependent on climate-related vulnerability.

“De Heus TMH is committed to empowering independent farmers in Cambodia. The strategic cooperation agreement with ADB, in combination with our focus on training and knowledge sharing, with the motto ‘global knowledge­­-local impact’, will support and accelerate the sustainable development of the Cambodian animal protein supply chain,” said De Heus Asia chief executive officer, Gabor Fluit.

A technical assistance grant will support training for 2,000 maize and 2,000 poultry farmers in climate-resilient farm practices and financial literacy.

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