BENEO extends animal nutrition portfolio with faba bean ingredients

28 March 20232 min reading

New range helps answer growing demand for alternative nutrient sources, sustainable and plant-based options for aqua and livestock feed.

BENEO, one of the leading manufacturers of functional ingredients, announced the expansion of its product portfolio for aqua and livestock feed with the addition of the new faba bean ingredient range, including faba bean protein concentrate, starch-rich flour, and hulls. These pulse ingredients are non-GMO and represent sustainable sources of protein, starch, and fibre, enabling feed manufacturers to improve the nutritional profile of their products.

BENEO’s faba bean protein concentrate is a concentrated source of vegetal protein that serves as a good alternative to e.g., animal and soy proteins. It has excellent solubility in comparison to other vegetal proteins and a good amino acid profile.

BENEO’s faba bean hulls can be used to provide a source of insoluble fibres in feed for ruminants or gestating sows, while also offering certain protein and starch contents which increase its nutritional value. The faba bean hulls and protein concentrate are listed in the EU Catalogue of Feed Materials, while faba bean starch-rich flour is in the EU Feed Materials Register.

Karel Thurman, Commercial Director Animal Nutrition at BENEO comments: “Manufacturers of pet food and feed are increasingly faced with the challenge of finding ingredients that deliver the necessary nutrients for their formulas, whilst also complying with ambitious commitments towards sustainability. Our new plant-based faba bean ingredients are a valuable addition to our portfolio, as they provide convincing sustainability credentials and offer producers in the livestock and aquafeed industries sound nutritional and technological alternatives for their feed recipes.”

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