Ban on genetically modified soybean creates feed shortage

22 May 20182 min reading

Abdurrahman Kaan, the President of MÜSİAD, said the restriction on soybean, which is the protein supply for cattle, caused a price hike in feeds. “We face with difficulty to feed our animal. There is nothing to substitute soybean if you place a ban on it,” Kaan said.

musiad_soybeanAbdurrahman Kaan, the President of Independent Industrialists and Businessmen's Association, MÜSİAD, reacted against the ban placed on soybean import, which is the protein supply for cattle. According to Dunya’s report, Kaan said the industry faced with difficulty to find feed for animals, adding that, “There is a price hike in every raw material.” Recalling that Turkey has leased from Sudan 8 million decares, Kaan said, “We assigned a member of the board. 12 thousand 500 hectares of the area in Sudan were given to the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TİGEM). The rest was allocated to private companies. TİGEM does not have any plans but we want it to produce five products: soybean, cotton, wheat, barley and feed plant. We import these products.” Kaan noted that there are problems with import of soybean, which is largely imported. Kaan said even his facilities faced with feed shortage, adding that, “The ministry stopped the soybean import on the ground that soybean can be genetically modified. There is no soybean without GDO around the world. If you place a ban on this, there is nothing to substitute it. It triggers a price hike in all raw materials. In this process, the price of milk rose by 50 percent.”

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