Alpha Nutrition introduces innovative phytase enzyme to portfolio

31 May 20241 min reading N. Kemal PARLAK

Alpha Nutrition has added the 6-phytase enzyme PLUS phyta 10.000 P to its offerings, marking a significant advancement in their product line. This enzyme is produced by Franklin Biotech and distributed by The Plus Additives.

Alpha Nutrition has officially included the 6-phytase enzyme PLUS phyta 10.000 P in its product portfolio. This enzyme, produced by the Irish biotechnology company Franklin Biotech and distributed by The Plus Additives, represents a new development in the phytase market. The initial batch features a concentration of 10,000 FTU and is now available in stock.

Alpha Nutrition stated, “We are happy to be a new player in the phytase market with the most competitive prices.” The company plans to introduce higher concentration versions of the product in the future, expanding their offerings to meet varying customer needs.

PLUS phyta 10.000 P is available in several formats: as a pure enzyme, adjusted for the required FTU per ton of feed, or directly supplied to their premix provider. This flexibility allows Alpha Nutrition to cater to a broad range of requirements in the feed industry.

By adding this innovative enzyme to their lineup, Alpha Nutrition aims to enhance their market presence and provide effective solutions for feed producers.

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