Agritech launches truck tanks for grain and feed transportation

27 October 20231 min reading

With a legacy spanning over 30 years, Italian silo manufacturer Agritech has rolled out truck tanks specially designed for the transportation of grains and animal feed.

Agritech has officially announced the release of its truck tanks, tailored to meet the transportation requirements of grains and animal feed. Designed from pressed steel plate, this new product line is a testament to the company's aim to diversify its product range.

Having operated in the industry for more than three decades, Agritech is predominantly recognized for its fiberglass silos used in grain and feed storage. The company's offerings are prominently featured not just in Italy but across a multitude of countries worldwide. The introduction of these silo trucks, designed to ensure transport efficiency, signifies a fresh milestone in Agritech's ongoing product innovation endeavors.

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