Ÿnsect breaks ground with approval for mealworm protein in US dog food

29 January 20242 min reading

Ÿnsect secures a groundbreaking milestone as the AAFCO grants approval for the use of defatted mealworm proteins in dog nutrition, marking the first such authorization in the USA. This achievement comes in the dynamic American pet food market valued at over $42 billion.

Ÿnsect achieves a pioneering feat with the AAFCO's (Association of American Feed Control Officials) nod to incorporate defatted mealworm proteins in dog food—a first in the US market. Following a two-year evaluation emphasizing safety and nutritional benefits, this approval positions the company at the forefront of the burgeoning market for animal-based alternatives. The environmental advantage of the company’s approach is underscored, with mealworms sourced sustainably from agricultural by-products, significantly reducing the carbon footprint compared to conventional ingredients. This significant step forward aligns with its decade-long commitment to ecological solutions in protein and plant consumption, contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable practices in the pet food industry.

"We are very proud to have obtained the very first authorization for the commercialization of mealworm-based ingredients for pet food in the United States. It is the recognition of over 10 years of research for the benefit of animal health. This authorization opens the doors to the immense American market just as we are preparing to deliver our first pet food customers from our Amiens farm." Shankar Krishnamoorthy, the CEO, stated.

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