Yemmak was crowned with an award in the global design competition ePDA

12 March 20242 min reading

The Fine Grinding Hammer Mill designed by Yemmak, a premier manufacturer of feed machinery and equipment, won an esteemed award from Europe. With a vast export network spanning across 46 countries, the company was awarded in the industrial design category of the European Product Design Award—an exclusive competition held in collaboration with the European Parliament.

Yemmak was honored with an award in the industrial design category of the prestigious European Product Design Award for its Fine Grinding Hammer Mill. Yemmak, a leading manufacturer of machinery and equipment in Turkey's feed industry, aims to strengthen its success in the global arena with the design award it has received.

Halil Yırtımcı, Vice General Manager of Yemmak, made the following statements about the award: "We export a large portion of our production to 46 countries worldwide and are among the leading companies in the sector. With this success, we continue to create value for Turkey. This award we have received is the most important indicator that Yemmak combines the principle of sustainability in its equipment with design.

The company's statement reads: "Yemmak's FGHM series Fine Grinding Hammer Mills play a critical role in the production of fish feed and pet food. Designed specifically to reduce raw materials with a diameter of 10 mm to as small as 50 µm, these mills play a vital role in the production process. This machine, which attracts attention with its new design, is made from recyclable materials and features dynamic and masculine lines. The product was evaluated according to various criteria such as innovation, aesthetics, functionality, and ergonomics. This design, which also boasts a modern and minimalist appearance, has been conceived in line with Yemmak's corporate identity. We are proud of this wonderful achievement.”

The European Product Design Award is presented annually in 19 different categories to designs that make everyday life easier and offer innovative solutions. This award program, which accepts applications from around the world, stands out as the only design competition organized in collaboration with the European Parliament. The globally recognized European Product Design Awards aim to reward both design teams and individual designers for turning strategic thinking and imagination into an excellent product.

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