We started 2020s with innovations

28 January 20202 min reading

Cemalettin Kanaş Editor

Dear readers,

The 2020s which we all recently said hello to is pregnant with new developments in micro- and macro-scales. In this decade; agriculture, livestock, and the feed sector that serve as a bridge between the two will face crises, opportunities and innovations both parallel to the world economy and unique and specific to itself. Feed Planet, feed industry specialty magazine, will continue to finger on the pulse of the sector in this period, too. You will be able to read the latest developments concerning the feed industry from this information source.

As Feed Planet, we have decided to enter this period with some novelties. In this new publication season, in each issue, there will be a country focus with a general and sectoral assessment of a country significant for all stakeholders of the sector. In addition, an agricultural product that concerns the feed industry directly as it is used in compound feed production will be examined in detail. For example, the country focus of this issue is Egypt, the North African country which is a huge market with a population of 100 million. The product analysis file will be on soybean, which is an important protein source and is often named 'the miracle plant' due to its profitability and use in numerous sectors.

These studies will not consist of official statistics which can be easily accessed by anyone but will also include competent market analyzers' comments and future evaluations. To fulfill this quite important and difficult mission, we are entering a very assertive period to assign these studies to the right names. You will read the Egypt file from Mahmoud Riyad, General Secretary of the Egyptian Milling Association, and the soybean file from Agricultural Engineer Süleyman Hartavioğlu, General Manager of OSC Agro.

Finishing this editorial, I would like to take this opportunity to wish the world to be a much happier, healthier and prosperous place in this brand new decade for all of us.

See you in the next issue.

Have a pleasant reading.

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