Turkey's largest integrated feed factory is being established in Diyarbakır province

21 September 20212 min reading

The foundation of Diyarbakır Proyem Feed Factory, which is planned to be one of the biggest investments in Turkey in terms of production and storage capacity, has been laid.

Turkey's Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank attended the groundbreaking ceremony of Proyem Feed Factory in Diyarbakır 1st Combined Organized Industrial Zone. Minister Varank said that they want investment, employment, production and exports to be the sole and main agenda of this city. Noting that Proyem, a subsidiary of Matlı Holding, established its ninth integrated feed production complex in Diyarbakır 1st Combined Organized Industrial Zone, Varank said: “This facility will be one of the biggest investments in Turkey in terms of production and storage capacity. When this investment of 250 million liras is completed, it will directly and indirectly create additional employment for approximately 1000 people. Diyarbakir and its neighboring areas are in the top ranks in Turkey in terms of both livestock value per capita and animal production. Therefore, there is a huge market for factories that will produce feed in this region. I would like to congratulate Proyem, which saw this potential of the region and invested in it.” Noting that as the Ministry, they are always at the elbow of successful companies that add value to these lands, Varank stated that they are also giving support to the facilities in Niğde, Konya and Burdur along with the one in Diyarbakir within the scope of the incentive system. Stating that the company deserves support with the added value it produces and the employment it provides, Varank invited all domestic and foreign investors to take advantage of these opportunities. Varank stated that Diyarbakır and each province in the region offer great opportunities to investors with their dynamic population and economic potential. “There are lucrative investment opportunities in many areas from energy to agriculture-based industry, furniture, machinery, textile, and shoe production. Let's benefit from these opportunities together. Both you, the people of the region, and the entire country will win. We will always continue to be at your elbow with the infrastructure we have prepared and the incentives we are providing,” he said.

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