Trouw Nutrition to host AgriVision 2023

23 May 20231 min reading
The AgriVision 2023 conference will deliver a forecast for future-proofing protein production over the next 50 years, as agribusiness and food industry changemakers from around the world gather on June 26-28 in Noordwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands. Participants representing every segment of the food chain – from raw ingredient suppliers to food manufacturers and retailers – will explore pathways to meet growing protein demand responsibly and sustainably.

Entrepreneurs and leaders representing global business, NGOs, science, academia and agriculture will envision a path to feed the world’s future population, through a combination of business, science, policy and grassroots action. AgriVision 2023 will shed light on practical pathways for balancing the growing global demand for protein with the limitations of natural production resources. Presenters will share examples of successes achieved through innovation and investments in people, products, programmes and policies.
Remarking on the conference, Trouw Nutrition CEO, David Blakemore, said, “Innovation, collaboration and relentless exploration are all essential for us to safely and sustainably meet future demand for affordable protein. AgriVision 2023 will serve as a visionary, yet practical, forum where ideas can be vetted and explored, and successful lessons applied beyond industry borders.”

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