Scoular renames its freight forwarding business

15 September 20223 min reading

Scoular changes the name of its worldwide freight forwarding business from TSC Container Freight to Scoular Global Shipping.

Scoular, a global logistics and supply chain company, launched a new name for its freight forwarding business: Scoular Global Shipping. Scoular has operated a freight forwarding business, previously known as TSC Container Freight, for over two decades.

“Scoular’s shipping business has long handled ocean freight for customers worldwide, coordinating all of the logistics required to move customers’ products to destinations around the globe,” said Dave Briggs, General Manager for Scoular Global Shipping. “The Scoular Global Shipping name brings the business more visibly under Scoular and its global supply chain capabilities, financial strength and 130-year history.”

Scoular Global Shipping is a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) and freight forwarder that manages risk for customers in the ocean container supply chain.  

There are thousands of freight forwarders, and many are smaller operators with limited capabilities. A large, full-service NVOCC, Scoular Global Shipping:

  • Partners with all major ocean carriers and has access to the worldwide container network.
  • Offers a full range of services including freight forwarding, transloading/cross docking, domestic transport, and marine cargo insurance.
  • Offers competitive rates due to strong relationships with carriers and scale.
  • Brings Scoular’s global logistics and supply chain expertise.
  • Carries the backing of Scoular’s size and financial stability, with Scoular having $9 billion in sales, over 1,000 employees and ranking as the 68th largest private company in the U.S.


Scoular has signed an agreement to acquire four grain handling facilities in northwestern Kansas, enabling the company to more than double its handling and storage capacity for area farmers.

The four facilities, purchased from ADM, are in Goodland, Brewster, Monument and Oakley. The parties expect to close the transaction in September. The four facilities will be operational for fall harvest. Scoular will handle corn, wheat and milo at these facilities.

Scoular has been building its presence in northwestern Kansas since 2007 after acquiring its first facility in Goodland. It later purchased facilities in nearby Cheyenne County and Winona before acquiring an additional facility five miles west of Goodland last year. With the latest acquisition, Scoular will own 11 facilities in northwest Kansas; eight are Scoular-operated facilities and three are Scoular-leased. 

“We are excited to expand our presence in northwestern Kansas, create value for farmers and invest in our value-chain network providing highest quality and dependable supply to our customers,” said Scoular Regional Manager Derek Spears.

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