Satake acquires DE Engineers' silo division

16 April 20241 min reading

In a strategic move set to reshape Australia's agricultural sector, Satake Corporation has acquired the silo division from DE Engineers. This acquisition promises to inject fresh vigor into the realm of grain storage and handling, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of both companies.

Satake Corporation has announced its acquisition of the silo division from DE Engineers, a cornerstone of Western Australia's agricultural infrastructure. The agreement, signed between Kevin Prater of DE Engineers and Kazuhisa Matsumoto, President and CEO of Satake, heralds a new era for both entities. By marrying Satake's technological prowess with DE Engineers' legacy of innovation, the partnership aims to redefine industry standards.

DE Engineers, known for its commitment to innovation since 1965, has earned a reputation for excellence in grain storage solutions. Kazuhisa Matsumoto expressed excitement about the acquisition, highlighting the potential for innovation and the enhancement of products and services available to Australian farmers. This move comes at a critical juncture as the agricultural sector seeks sustainable and efficient solutions to meet evolving challenges. With the fusion of expertise and resources, Satake and DE Engineers are poised to lead the way in addressing these imperatives.

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