Retired teacher reduced the cost of feed to one-tenth with his own method

31 May 20192 min reading

A 64-year-old retired teacher engaged in animal husbandry in Rize, Turkey developed an interesting method against increased feed prices. In a dark room at 18 degrees heat with the method he found himself, the teacher, who achieved to feed between 1 and 10 pounds of seed, reduced the cost of feed to one-tenth.

Retired teacher Recep Kaya (64), who is dealing with animal husbandry in Rize, Turkey conducted research to produce his own feed because of the rising prices. Kaya, produced 10 to 15 kilograms of feed using a seed mixture consisting of wheat, barley, and oat in a dark room at 18 degrees heat. Kaya feeds its animals with feed produced at a cost of one-tenth of the regular market value. Kaya developed the production and obtained 3.5 tons of protein in the room with high protein content in 1 month. Recep Kaya feeds his animals with the feed produced by him at one-tenth of the market value.

HIGH PROTEIN CONTENT Recep Kaya, who produces the animal feed himself said, "I made a research upon the recommendation of a friend and began to produce feed in a 15 square meters of heat-insulated dark room. I produced 10 to 15 kilograms of feed out of 1 kilogram of seeds consisting of barley, wheat, and oat. The animals loved the feed. Its protein ratio is high. We have to produce in order to become independent in livestock breeding. I managed to produce feed myself, everyone should try it. A country develops through livestock and agriculture. I would recommend this method to anyone dealing with animal husbandry."

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