Importance of the aspiration system in feed processing

12 March 20243 min reading

Alapala Feed Tech
Feed Technologies Manager

In this session, we will study the importance of the aspiration system in feed processing technologies.

Often, few technical consultants are knowingly not giving attention to incorporating the aspiration system in the feed milling plant which may result in unsatisfactory and even dangerous situations.

Thus human, food and equipment safety facilities feed milling plant proposals are much more important than proposing a low-cost feed milling plant. Of course, low-cost projects are also important but not by neglecting the safety in the processing. In fact, there are so many ways around us to reduce cost of the project. However, the selection of a short and best process methodology is the top priority. 

A well-designed and efficient aspiration system is unavoidable in a modern and successful feed milling plant like a respiratory system in a human body. But, why do we need an aspiration system in a feed milling plant? and for what?.

The aspiration systems ensure a dust-free, explosion-free, humidity-free,  contamination-free operation and improve the hygiene level of the plant at maximum performance consistency for the long-life operation. That is the reason Alapala feed tech technology is mandatorily incorporating an aspiration system wherever is required without any compromise.

In addition to the above, we would like to inform you about a few engineering parameters that also need to be focused on before the selection of the aspiration systems in the feed milling plant, These are; Volumetric flow rate (m3/min) and resistance (mbar), Air velocity in the pipes/ducts, Reduce more bends in the aspiration system, Keep a false air system wherever required and Selection of fan ( Low/ high pressure). But, the air velocity must be lowest at the beginning of the duct and must gradually increase towards the filter. The acceptable range of air velocity can be achieved by means of adapting the duct diameter and the required air velocity is depending on the type of applications either compound feeds, premixes or grain handling.

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