Machine Federation drives future-focused machinery at summit

15 November 20232 min reading

MAKFED recently gathered influential figures in the machinery sector during the third Machine Summit. The event spotlighted the machinery sector’s pivotal role in Turkey’s industrial growth and emphasized technology and innovation’s significance in boosting efficiency and sustainability, offering potential benefits for the feed industry.

The Turkish Machine Federation (MAKFED) recently hosted the third Machine Summit, uniting prominent figures in the machinery sector. With over 3,000 businesses represented by 32 sectoral associations, the summit delivered insights of relevance to the feed industry.

MAKFED’s President, Adnan Dalgakıran, emphasized the critical role of the machinery sector in Turkey’s industrial growth during his address. Turkey’s machinery sector significantly contributed to the nation’s economy, surpassing $254 billion in exports in 2022, driven by innovative and environmentally friendly machines. The summit’s theme, “A View from the Twin Transformation Lens to a Competitive Value Chain,” resonates with the feed industry, highlighting the significance of technology and innovation in improving efficiency, sustainability, and production processes.

MAKFED’s President, Adnan Dalgakıran

Discussions centered on global market challenges and competition dynamics, critical aspects for the feed sector, where technology and machinery advancements are pivotal to meeting the demand for high-quality animal nutrition. As the machinery sector plays a fundamental role in Turkey’s industrial growth, its implications extend into feed manufacturing. The insights and developments from this summit hold the potential to transform and enhance the feed industry for a more efficient and sustainable future.

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