Kemin Industries launches two products

21 April 20212 min reading

Kemin Industries has launched a functional fiber for pet food and an antioxidant solution for the organic livestock production industry.

Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer, announced the launch of two new products. The first is Tegravia, a functional fiber for pet food market in South America, particularly Brazil. The first fiber ingredient is launched by Kemin Nutrisurance, its pet food and rendering technologies business unit.

Fiber has long been used in pet food to balance formulations and promote animal health. In partnership with Fibervita, a food ingredient company in Brazil, Kemin Nutrisurance developed Tegravia as a functional fiber for inclusion into pet food.

The product's fiber is extracted from cassava, an edible root widely used in various recipes in Brazilian cuisine. Tegravia serves as a fiber source with prebiotic and intestinal health support properties and can also benefit pet food product formulations by enhancing texture and starch gelatinization.

"Our goal at Kemin Nutrisurance is to bring complete solutions to our customers by supplying innovative ingredients, like TEGRAVIA, along with technical, laboratory and application services to support our customers every step of the way," said Valdir Lucatelli, General Manager – South America, Kemin Nutrisurance.


Kemin Industries has also launched Paradigmox Green, a new antioxidant solution for the organic livestock production industry in the EMENA (Europe, Middle East, North Africa) region.

Antioxidants are a crucial element in every livestock diet, as they preserve valuable nutrients and protect the diet from oxidation, ensuring optimal animal health, performance and carcass quality.

“The science is undeniable: the risk of feed oxidation is considerable and inherent to the feed production process,” says Karen Bierinckx, Product Manager, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA. “Oxidation can happen at any point in the production and distribution of feed, from the addition of oxidation-prone ingredients, such as lipids, to the preparation of premix, to heat-induced oxidation during transportation and storage. Supplementation of quality, peroxide-free feed improves animal welfare and assures healthy livestock products – which we consume daily. This helps preserve and provide consumer nutritional and health benefits.”

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