Kęstutis Mikalauskas new country manager at Kiwa in Lithuania

14 June 20221 min reading

Kiwa Group, a Dutch inspection and certification company, announced that Kęstutis Mikalauskas has been appointed as the country manager for Lithuania. Topi Saarenhovi, Executive Vice President of Kiwa’s Europe Nordics Region, said: “The ongoing pandemic and a turbulent business environment had a lot of impact. Still, Linas and his team managed to minimize the negative effects for Kiwa, thanks to fast and determined actions. Therefore, I’d like to express my warmest appreciation to Linas for his full dedication and contributions to Kiwa Lithuania during this demanding time.” Linas Čereška will continue to support the business until August 2022.

Kiwa Lithuania’s new Country Manager, Kęstutis Mikalauskas, has gained long-term experience in the construction and industrial sectors, which corresponds well with Kiwa's business and market needs. “We look forward to further developing Kiwa in Lithuania. I have full confidence that with Kęstutis at the helm, we will reach our ambitions," Topi concluded.

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