FEFAC President Pedro Cordero unveils vision for Europe’s feed industry

10 May 202410 min reading

Interview: Cemalettin Kanaş

“Direct communication between industry stakeholders and policymakers is essential to bridge the gap and ensure effective decision-making. This proactive engagement fosters collaboration and drives impactful change within the feed industry.”

Meet Pedro Cordero, President of FEFAC, a visionary leader at the forefront of Europe’s feed industry. With a background in veterinary medicine and extensive experience in animal nutrition, Cordero’s journey from the pastures of Spain to leading a prominent industry organization is both inspiring and insightful. In an exclusive interview conducted following the 15th TUYEM (International Feed Congress and Exhibition) in Antalya, Turkey, from April 18th to 21st, 2024, Mr. Cordero graciously shared his insights on pressing industry challenges, from navigating sustainability concerns to collaborating with policymakers to ensure a resilient food supply. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Cordero for granting this exclusive interview and sharing invaluable perspectives with our readers.

As Cordero reflects on his role, he emphasizes the importance of proactive engagement and collaboration, stating, “Direct communication between industry stakeholders and policymakers is essential to bridge the gap and ensure effective decision-making.” With a keen eye on the future, Cordero unveils FEFAC’s strategic projects, including initiatives to assess biomass circularity and collaborate with European authorities to calculate protein availability. Join us as we try to discover the mind of a senior manager leading the future of Europe’s feed industry.


Can you please introduce yourself briefly?

I am Pedro Cordero, serving as the President of FEFAC since June 2023, with a term limit of three years, as per our organizational guidelines. My professional journey began in veterinary medicine, specializing in animal nutrition, a field I have dedicated myself to throughout my career. Prior to my current role, I gained valuable experience working on a large farm in the Southwestern region of Spain, where we focused on beef and lamb production. Subsequently, I joined a prominent group operating in both Spain and Portugal, known as Nanta, the leading compound feed producer in the region, under the ownership of the Nutreco Group. 

So this was the very beginning of your career in Nutreco?

Yes. In my earlier years, I provided technical services to farmers before transitioning into various management roles within the company, ultimately serving as the General Manager of Nanta for a significant tenure of nine years. During this time, overseeing the operation of twenty-one factories provided invaluable insight into the complexities of our industry.