FEFAC: Feed sector needs to be classified as essential

29 March 20202 min reading

EU feed sector representatives expressed their concerns to the European Commission about enacting social distancing precautions towards preventing the spread of COVID-19 without harming the feed supply chains.

The novel coronavirus pandemic, which has spread quickly also to the Western world, has already infected hundreds of thousands of people and unfortunately killed thousands of them. As no vaccines have been found yet, there is an unprecedented level of panic throughout the world. However, human health is not the only matter of concern. Prominent actors in the feed sector are getting worried regarding the risk that the measures against the pandemic may damage the feed value chain. Likewise to American Feed Industry Association (AFIA); FEFAC, COCERAL and FEDIOL - EU grains, oilseeds and feed value chain partners - call on the European Commission to take urgent steps to avoid disruption of food and feed supply in Europe.

The European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (FEFAC) called for the inclusion of feed in the list of essential goods mentioned in the EU Commission Guidelines on Border Management published March 17, as food. “Farm animals must be fed every day in order to provide key food products consumed by the population and to ensure animal health and welfare,” FEFAC said. “Some Member States, like Spain, Italy and Belgium, have already included feed supplies on their list of essential goods, but we need a harmonized approach at EU level,” they said.

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