Evonik appoints Dr. Dirk Hoehler to lead essential nutrition product line

05 October 20232 min reading

Evonik names Dr. Dirk Hoehler as the new head of Essential Nutrition, tapping into his extensive experience in the group, expertise in digitalized business processes, and commitment to sustainability and efficiency in amino acids business.

Dr. Dirk Hoehler
Dr. Dirk Hoehler has been designated as the new leader of the Essential Nutrition product line at Evonik, which is restructuring its amino acids portfolio. This appointment follows Dr. Jan-Olaf Barth's promotion to oversee the High Performance Polymers sector within the company.

Under his new role, Hoehler will spearhead efforts to enhance the sustainability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of the amino acids segment. He aims to fortify Evonik's methionine strategy on a global scale, a blueprint earlier laid down by Dr. Jan-Olaf Barth.

Evonik's recent announcement highlighted their intent to optimize the amino acids operation model. Key to this approach is the significant investment in large-scale methionine production centers. These hubs are projected to drive down both operational costs and carbon emissions by up to 7%, as seen in their Mobile hub.

One of the immediate tasks for Hoehler involves the impending shutdowns at the methionine facility in Singapore. In a statement, he addressed potential concerns, emphasizing: "We recognize the possible challenges these shutdowns might bring to our clientele. Our teams have already charted alternative supply routes for MetAMINO®. We remain committed to maintaining open lines of communication with our global customer base to ensure seamless deliveries."

Hoehler's tenure at Evonik spans multiple roles, including leadership stints in Marketing & Sales. Joining Evonik in 1998, his experience extends from heading the Coating Resins product line to his recent post in Sales within the Animal Nutrition division. Holding academic credentials from universities in Germany and Canada, Hoehler specializes in Nutritional Physiology.

Evonik's Essential Nutrition product line, under the broader umbrella of Animal Nutrition, boasts products like MetAMINO®, Biolys®, and ThreAMINO®.

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