Eurostat: Fertilizer and cereal prices decline within Europe in 2023

31 January 20242 min reading

Eurostat reveals a substantial 23% decrease in fertilizer prices across Europe for 2023, impacting 22 out of 26 countries. Simultaneously, cereals, including crucial feed ingredients, witness a notable 26% price drop.

In the realm of agricultural economics for 2023, initial assessments of price indices indicate a departure from the sharp increases of 2021 and 2022. The overall average price of agricultural goods in the EU experienced a modest 2% increase while the cost of goods and services vital to agriculture saw a significant 5% decrease, according to recent statistics from Eurostat.

The nuanced pricing landscape reveals specific product variations, with notable increases of 20% for eggs and 22% for pigs. In contrast, a substantial 26% decrease was observed for cereals, covering wheat, barley, maize, rye, oats, and other types.

Eurostat's statistics indicate a positive turn for European farmers. Fertilizer prices witnessed a substantial 23% decrease in 2023 across 22 out of 26 countries, including noteworthy drops in Luxembourg (-46%), Sweden (-41%), and Finland (-39%), bringing economic relief to the agriculture sector. Conversely, prices saw an increase in Cyprus (14%), Malta (9%), Greece (6%), and Romania (3%).

Simultaneously, cereals, critical feed ingredients like barley, wheat, maize, rye, oats, and more, also experienced a significant 26% decrease. On the other hand, the average price of plant protection products and pesticides increased by 9%, mirroring a similar rise in seeds and planting stock.

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