EuroChem invests billions in Brazil, boosts fertilizer production

25 December 20232 min reading

EuroChem, a global fertilizer giant, has secured approval for its groundbreaking venture into phosphate fertilizer production in Brazil's Minas Gerais state. This billion-dollar investment not only marks EuroChem's first mining unit outside Europe but also aims to reduce Brazil's fertilizer imports by 15%, promising a significant impact on the regional agricultural landscape.

EuroChem, headquartered in Switzerland, recently announced a pivotal move in the fertilizer industry—a new mining unit in Brazil set to produce 1 million tons of phosphate fertilizers annually, constituting 15% of the nation's total production. Gustavo Horbach, EuroChem's South America CEO, emphasized the strategic importance, stating, "The operating license is a fundamental step towards transforming EuroChem into an important group in fertilizer production in Brazil and in South America." With a $1 billion investment, this initiative not only signals economic growth but also aims to enhance local agricultural self-sufficiency. The project, scheduled to kick off in Q1 2024, is poised to reshape the regional fertilizer landscape and may indirectly influence the animal feed sector by ensuring a more robust and reliable supply chain for essential agricultural inputs.

Gustavo Horbach, EuroChem's South America CEO

In late October, EuroChem's safety and quality management system for specialty feed ingredients received FAMI-QS certification, affirming supply chain safety and facilitating market access. Notably, EuroChem's NAK Azot and PG Phosphorit had previously obtained FAMI-QS certificates for specialty feed production.

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