EU funds Manna Insect's sustainable agriculture project

27 February 20241 min reading

Manna Insect secures €0.1M funding from the European Union's Just Transition Fund for a transformative business development endeavor.

Manna Insect's latest milestone sees the European Union's Just Transition Fund granting the company €0.1 million in funding for a business development project. This initiative, scheduled for implementation between 2023 and 2024, aims to enhance manufacturing and production processes to meet the company's growing demands. As stated by Manna Insect, "the European Union has granted the company a 0,1 M€ funding for a business development project from the European Union’s Just Transition Fund (JTF)," highlighting the significance of this collaboration.

The project aligns with the EU's Cohesion policy, targeting regions transitioning towards climate neutrality. Manna Insect's strategic goal is to introduce sustainable solutions to global food production by utilizing black soldier flies as animal feed, replacing traditional soy feed. This endeavor emphasizes environmental values, green transition, digitalization, and automation.

As the company progresses from prototyping to scalable sales activities, considerations such as environmental impact assessments and certifications for wider sales channels become imperative. This initiative not only supports Manna Insect's growth but also reinforces its commitment to sustainable agricultural practices and global impact.

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