29 March 20202 min reading

Cemalettin Kanaş Editor Dear Readers,

We now have an agenda that has rapidly dominated the other topics of health, politics, and economy all around the world: Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19. The whole world is keeping an eye on the advice from healthcare professionals and as well as the number of cases and deaths announced by the political authorities. The USA and China, who have been struggling for world leadership in almost every field such as economy, technology, political power, etc., and have been in bad with each other for about two years regarding the trade wars, have already started to blame each other about the virus. The United States accuses China of endangering global health by acting irresponsibly about the spread of the virus and transparency whereas China is trying hard to put the blame on the USA. Both states, of course, are worrying about their image and trying to avoid being blamed by the global community.

We don't have a vaccine yet. It would be quite optimistic to expect it within a month or two. So we have to be prepared for the worst scenario. We have to consider the course of the economies in addition to observing the expert advice regarding our health at the highest level. That is because many experts argue that a deep economic crisis is waiting for the world even after the epidemic is brought under control. On the other hand, if the quarantine and curfew practices reach a level that will hit the supply chains, the problem may turn out to be a food security issue for all of us, rather than being an ordinary economy agenda discussed by experts.

Amid this busy agenda and in mixed feelings, we, as the Feed Planet team, are presenting the March-April issue to you, our readers. As many companies switch to the home office working system, we hope that this issue will be more beneficial to all readers...

See you in the next issue…

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