Coronavirus and Feed Safety

26 January 20212 min reading
Feed Safety COVID-19, which dominated the 2020 agenda, seems to maintain its aftershocks in the New Year. In this process, both governments and the private sector should consider food safety and security issues beyond immediate solutions and address them with medium and long-term projects. In this context, agriculture, livestock and feed sectors should be evaluated with a holistic perspective. The pandemic, which caused alarm bells to ring all over the world since the beginning of last year, caused supply chains to break with the effect of the first shock. Following the panic, the emptying of the market shelves and the dramatic changes in consumption habits were enough to for food to become the focus of not only developing countries but also the whole world. The governments and the private sector, which survived the initial shock and have largely normalized the supply chains, are partially relieved thanks to the positive developments in vaccination. However, stockpiling and protectionist reflexes in the field of food, especially with the pandemic, have reached the highest level. While producer and importer countries impose restrictions and additional taxes on exports, importing countries also worry about replenishing their stocks under these conditions. Priorities regarding food safety and security need to be reconsidered, taking into account the pandemic conditions. In this context, feverish work awaits the stakeholders of the feed industry.

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Coronavirus and Feed Safety With the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, people deeply felt the significance of . For the continuity of food production, the food chain from grain to table should not be broken. Most people consumed food as usual during the curfews and realized how important food production for the world is. Raw materials used in  started to be stocked by many states during the disease process. [button color="red" size="small" link="" icon="" target="true"]Read More >>>[/button]
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