Coronavirus affects feed sector as a whole

29 March 20202 min reading

The rapidly globalized coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic has undermined the global demand for feed and livestock and strictly affected US corn and soybean prices. Some agricultural events are being postponed for the same reason while the others are watching the course of events carefully.

The coronavirus threat which emerged from China first and became a global threat to human life in a very short period has already severely affected almost all aspects of the feed industry. Chinese analysts express that the spread of the virus is very harmful to already fragile Chinese and global feed demand. Considering these virus emerged almost two years after the weary trade war between the USA and China, and recently after the African Swine Fever which killed almost half of the pigs in China, it is clear for the experts that this new threat can easily be devastating. The population in many countries is avoided from going out which deeply affects the today and recent future of production processes as well as the predictability, a crucial aspect for all major players. The coronavirus is causing a shake also in feed additives market. Feed additive pricing platform declared that the vitamin prices are sharply increasing. Aquaculture is less impacted by the coronavirus until now, since its peak season runs from May to October. On the other hand, the spread of the Coronavirus has impacted the organization of several international agricultural events. Victam and Animal Health and Nutrition Asia 2020, an event staged for late March 2020 in Bangkok, has been postponed to July 9-11 due to the severe epidemic. VIV MEA 2020, another event organized by VIV Worldwide in Abu Dhabi is also postponed. This exhibition is rescheduled for August 31 until September 2 instead of mid-March 2020. The other organizations are following the course of events carefully.

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