Bühler and Icos lead innovation summit with startups

13 March 20242 min reading

Icos Capital and Bühler spearhead a collaborative innovation summit at Bühler’s CUBIC Innovation Campus, bringing together investors, industry leaders, and startups to accelerate sustainable solutions. Startups like MoA FoodTech and Abolis present groundbreaking innovations, signaling a significant stride towards sustainability in various industries.

In a bid to expedite sustainable solutions, Icos Capital and Bühler recently convened a "Collaborative Innovation Summit" at Bühler’s CUBIC Innovation Campus. The summit served as a nexus for investors, industry frontrunners, and pioneering startups, pooling resources and expertise to tackle pressing environmental challenges.

During the summit, key figures shared insights on the importance of collaborative venturing and the transformative potential of innovative startups in addressing sustainability challenges. Peter van Gelderen, General Partner at Icos Capital, emphasized the significance of collaborative venturing: "Our goal at Icos Capital is to identify and invest in next-level innovations to accelerate sustainability." Among the startups gaining traction is MoA FoodTech, specializing in transforming agrifood by-products into high-value ingredients. CEO Bosco Emparanza García expressed enthusiasm: "This summit is crucial for us to build partnerships with industrial capacity, knowledge, and drive to take our technology to the next level." Their innovative approach marks a significant step forward in addressing sustainability concerns.

Ian Roberts
CTO of Bühler

Additionally, Abolis, a French startup, caught attention with its bio-based solutions via precision fermentation, aiming to revolutionize industrial applications. Cyrille Pauthenier, CEO of Abolis, highlighted the importance of industry collaboration: "As start-ups need large industrial players to scale up, and the contacts we made today will help us to combine expertise and capabilities." "We're delighted to play a role in strengthening this collaborative venturing approach to scale impactful innovation," Ian Roberts, CTO of Bühler, wrapped up.

The collaboration between startups and industry leaders signifies a promising shift towards more sustainable practices. This collaborative push underscores a pivotal shift towards sustainable practices.

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