Zeigler Bros launches global brand strategy

23 June 20212 min reading

US-based animal nutrition and feed technology company Zeigler Bros., is combining its business units under single brand identity.

Zeigler Bros., Inc., a leader in the development of animal feed technologies and nutrition, launches its new “land and sea” global brand strategy with redesigned logo and color identity. These changes signify the company’s commitment to develop safe and sustainable nutritional technologies that promote animal health at minimal impact to the environment. All Zeigler business units will now have one brand identity, to better focus and streamline its messaging, packaging, marketing materials, and digital platforms. Accompanying the new logo will remain, “nutrition through innovation”, demonstrating Zeigler’s ongoing investment in research and development.

Tim Zeigler, Vice President, indicates, “… the ‘land and sea’ concept signifies our greater understanding of, not only the animals we feed, but the people and the environment we impact. We have a much greater responsibility today to scrutinize feeds and to utilize sustainable inputs, and we must do so in a way that does not sacrifice animal health or impose deleterious environmental impact. It’s sometimes a delicate balance. Our new strategy serves to align sustainability, food safety, and animal health to provide for feeds and foods that promote sound human health and a clean environment.”

This year, Zeigler celebrates its 86th year of business with plans to launch several new product technologies and environmental initiatives by year’s end. The company currently reaches over 50 countries and spans 3 generations of family ownership, yielding a spirit of global reach with personal touch. Working with producers and industry leaders, Zeigler’s vision and philosophy is to seek out innovative nutritional solutions which bring value to the lives of its customers, employees, industries, and communities.

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