TÜRKİYEM-BİR extends complete support to IDMA Fair

26 January 20243 min reading

TÜRKİYEM-BİR, the exclusive representative of the Turkish feed industry among non-governmental organizations, has declared its full support for the IDMA Fair, which has been strengthening its position through new partnerships. Alongside the 10th edition of IDMA Istanbul this year, TÜRKİYEM-BİR will also contribute to the sessions of the TABADER International Grain and Pulses Summit, held concurrently with the fair. Notably, within the same week, IDMA, the hub of the milling industry, inked a collaborative agreement with the Association of Mill and Sector Machinery Manufacturers (DESMÜD).

The Management of IDMA Istanbul, the focal point of the milling industry, paid a visit to the Turkish Feed Industrialists’ Association (TÜRKİYEM-BİR), the largest non-governmental organization in the feed industry. IDMA, renowned for organizing the world’s most significant trade gatherings for the flour, grain, pulses, feed processing industry, and milling sector, visited TÜRKİYEM-BİR in Ankara to extend an invitation for their participation in the 10th IDMA Istanbul Fair. The meeting, which took place during the visit of Muhammet Ali Kalkan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of HAGE Group (the organizer of IDMA fairs), to Murat Ülkü Karakuş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TÜRKİYEM-BİR, involved discussions on the future perspectives of the Turkish feed industry. 

During the visit to invite TÜRKİYEM-BİR, the largest non-governmental organization in the feed industry and a significant player among Turkey’s key sectors, to IDMA Istanbul, discussions focused on the current state and future expectations of the Turkish feed industry. TÜRKİYEM-BİR, in announcing its support for both IDMA Istanbul and the TABADER International Grain and Pulses Summit, set to take place simultaneously at the Istanbul Expo Center on May 2-4, will contribute to sessions addressing technological transformations and sustainable production techniques within the Turkish feed industry, integral topics to be examined during the summit. 

During comments on the visit to TÜRKİYEM-BİR, which unites feed industrialists under one roof, Muhammet Ali Kalkan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of HAGE Group, stated, “I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the leadership of TÜRKİYEM-BİR, the foremost representative of our country’s feed industry, and Chairman Mr. M. Ülkü Karakuş for their warm welcome. TÜRKİYEM-BİR, a consistent supporter at our IDMA Fairs – renowned global gatherings for milling machinery and production equipment – will once again stand by us at the 10th IDMA Istanbul, coinciding with our nation’s centenary. Their substantial contributions to discussions on technological advancements and sustainable production techniques in the Turkish feed industry, part of the concurrent 5th International Cereals and Pulses Summit, are highly anticipated. We are proud to have the esteemed president, a driving force for sectoral development and elevated standards, join us at IDMA Istanbul and the International Grain and Pulses Summit at the Istanbul Expo Center from May 2-4.”

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