Turkey holds first spot for feed production in EU

31 May 20194 min reading

Association of Cereal and Pulses Processing Technologies, Storage and Analysis Systems (TABADER) discussed the problems of the sector in detail in the International Flour, Feed, and Pulses Summit in Istanbul. Future analyses for feed and pulses sectors were discussed. In the summit, Turkish Feed Industrialists’ Union Chairman Ülkü Karakuş announced that the Turkish feed sector left behind all EU countries with 25 million tons of compound feed production last year.

Türkiyem-Bir Chairman Ülkü Karakuş

Ülkü Karakuş stated that the Turkish feed sector ranked first in the European Union with a compound feed production reaching 25 million last year. Türkiyem-Bir Chairman Ülkü Karakuş made a speech in International Flour, Feed, and Pulses Summit held by TABADER in Istanbul and gave some good news that would make the Turkish feed manufacturers proud. Ülkü Karakuş said, “As the feed sector, in 2018, we produced around 25 million tons of compound feed and we hold the first spot among the European Union countries. With these figures, we are in the 7th place in the world ranking leaving Germany behind. China holds the top position in the world with 188 tons of compound feed production while the United States has the second position with 177 million tons of production. Brazil comes with the third place with 69 million tons of compound production while India and Russia comes at the fourth and fifth spot with 39 million tons of production. Mexico, which comes ahead of us, has 35 million tons of annual production. As Turkey, in 2019, we expect to further increase our production by at least 1 million tons. I believe that this will continue to increase every year. Small businesses are replaced by big businesses. We are a sector with a turnover of 35-40 billion TL.”

“We are dealing with agricultural sector in Turkey. Our first challenge is what measures we will take against the climate change. This is our first priority in agricultural policies, micro policies or macro policies. In the three main subjects, the climate change shows itself. The first is volcanic eruption, the second is sun radiation, and the third is greenhouse effect, which has affected Turkey. Our share dealing with agricultural production in the greenhouse effect is 11 percent. As of Turkey’s feed sector, we are an environment friendly sector,” Karakuş said.

“In the last 20 years, there are noticeable production increase in cereal, oilseed, and feed production. Our cereal growth is increased by only 1 percent during this period. Our oilseed production is increased by 67 percent while our combined feed production is increased to 358 percent. As Turkey, we have to incentivize the rural life. The agricultural lobby should be strengthened, and university-industry cooperation has to be developed, and the state should withdraw from the trade in a planned fashion,” he added.

Ahmet Güldal, General Manager of the Turkish Grain Board (TMO)

AGRICULTURE AND FOOD SECTOR HAVE BECOME EVEN MORE STRATEGIC Simultaneously with IDMA 2019 Exhibition organized by TABADER, the challenges facing the sector were discussed at the International Flour, Feed, and Pulses Summit in WOW Hotel. During TABADER-IFP 2019 – International Flour, Feed, and Pulses Summit, the future, economy, and challenges of flour, feed, and pulses sector have been discussed. Ahmet Güldal, General Manager of the Turkish Grain Board (TMO) also participated to the summit. At the summit, flour, feed, and pulses sectors were evaluated globally. Future analyzes and predictions of the sectors were discussed and strategic suggestions were put forward for the sectors.

Commenting on the board’s perspective on Turkey and the world’s market, General Manager of TMO Ahmet Güldal said that agriculture and food sector have become more strategic because of population increase, urbanization, and climate changes. He said the cereal and pulses are among the basic food and thus they should be among the products that need to be given importance.

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