Lallemand’s ‘Quality Silage’ available in 6 languages

19 October 20212 min reading

Lallemand Animal Nutrition announced the launch of about how to get high quality silage from a range of forages. is a free global resource providing both practical and technical information to help dairy and beef producers make the best quality silage from a range of forages.

“ began in North America and proved to be a valuable resource for producers looking to maximize silage quality,” says Luís Queiros, Global Category Manager – Forage Additives, Lallemand Animal Nutrition. “We are pleased to expand its application around the globe to help more producers take control of profitability on their operations.”

With contributions from silage experts from around the world, this content-rich site is also a platform for exchanging tips and stories on silage quality through the Facebook page Quality Silage Experts.

“We know farming and making silage is a dynamic process, and it’s not always the same in all regions and environments,” Queiros says. “Silage can provide the cornerstone of a balanced ration for beef and dairy cattle therefore, we are here to provide producers the know-how they need to be successful with their silage program. With expertise from around the world, we both understand local conditions and share across markets to help producers find the best solution for each individual situation." is part of the Lallemand Forward program, specifically chosen service solutions that enhance people, knowledge and production practices from Lallemand Animal Nutrition.

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