Kemin launches ruminant aminoacid reference manual

27 November 20171 min reading

New book aims a new approach to increasing profitability in the dairy industry.

keminKemin Industries, a global nutritional ingredients company with expertise in ruminant nutrition, has launched the “Kemin Reference Manual for Ruminant Amino Acid Formulation” as part of its ongoing lifelong learning program. Written by experienced professionals and industry experts for nutritionists and technicians in the dairy market, the book focuses on how to formulate in different contexts and amino acid nutrition systems. The book also aims at inspiring a new way to think about increasing revenue and profitability in dairy farming. “The new book will be a valuable tool because it not only explains how to formulate in different nutrition systems, but also helps customers understand protein metabolism,” said Dr. Diego Martínez, product manager for Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health.

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