IFEEDER seeks partners to implement Sustainability Project

15 March 20232 min reading

IFEEDER announced that it is looking for partners to implement the targets identified in the first phase of its Sustainability Road Map Project.

The Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) announced that it is moving forward with the second phase of its Sustainability Road Map Project, which has played a pivotal role in helping dozens of U.S. animal food companies start or advance their sustainability journeys. Now, IFEEDER is seeking partners to strategically implement many objectives identified in the first project phase around data and information management, sustainability research, life cycle assessments (LCA) and educational resources and training.

“When IFEEDER initially launched the Sustainability Road Map project, we knew full well that our understanding of the industry’s sustainability efforts might change and we could uncover more questions than we had answers for,” said Lara Moody, IFEEDER executive director. “While it is certain that many knowledge gaps remain, we have the resolve and support of many industry partners who are now looking to deliver measurable, continuous improvements on the impacts related to people, planet and governance that are most important to them and their stakeholders.”

During the project’s first phase, IFEEDER and the Sustainability Roadmap Advisory Committee had worked with The Context Network to conduct industry research and develop several new industry resources.

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