Dr. Eckel’s new phytogenic solution promises enhanced efficacy

14 May 20241 min reading

German feed additives manufacturer Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition unveils the next generation of its flagship phytogenic solution, Anta®Phyt, promising enhanced efficacy for antibiotic-free animal production. With increased active ingredients, it aims to address key challenges in modern animal agriculture with healthier animals and improved performance.

The latest iteration of the company's flagship product marks a significant advancement in antibiotic-free animal production. Now boasting a higher concentration of active ingredients, it promises enhanced efficacy without compromising on dosage. According to Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition, this revamped formula targets gram-positive bacteria, supports intestinal health, strengthens the immune system, and promotes animal performance. With its broader spectrum of action, the product aims to address the pressing concerns of animal health, sustainability, and economic viability in today's agricultural landscape. Producers can anticipate benefits such as improved feed conversion, reduced medication costs, and sustainable production practices. As the demand for antibiotic-free solutions continues to rise, it emerges as an indispensable tool for ensuring healthier animals, better performance, and lower medication expenses. This innovation underscores Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition's commitment to delivering effective solutions for the evolving needs of the feed industry.

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