IDMA: We introduced 3000 exporters to Africa

20 February 20242 min reading

During the opening of the Turkish Flour Industrialists Federation's congress themed ‘Global Agricultural Policies, Food and Energy,’ IDMA Chairman Muhammet Ali Kalkan announced that they had acquainted over 3000 exporters with new markets in Africa through the fairs they organized. IDMA Istanbul will take place between 2-4 May this year at Istanbul Expo Center.

Muhammet Ali Kalkan, Chairman of IDMA, stated that they have introduced Turkish exporters to new markets through the fairs and events they have organized both domestically and internationally, emphasizing their ongoing commitment to interests of the industry. Addressing the opening session of the congress themed ‘Global Agricultural Policies, Food and Energy,’ hosted by the Turkish Flour Industrialists' Federation in Antalya, Muhammet Ali Kalkan remarked, "Through our international fairs under the HAGE Group umbrella, we have introduced over 3000 exporting firms to new markets, notably Africa. This has helped dispel preconceptions and hesitations about the continent."

Ali Kalkan highlighted their decade-long presence in Senegal, where they have organized professional fairs in eight different sectors for the West African region, providing thousands of international companies with access to the African market.

"We integrated IDMA fairs in 2020 and Parantez Media Group along with Feed Planet, Miller, and BBM magazines into our group in 2023," Kalkan stated, emphasizing their commitment to expanding IDMA, the world's largest fair in its sector, globally. He mentioned organizing the inaugural exhibitions in Russia with IDMA Russia and subsequently in Indonesia with IDMA Indonesia. IDMA Istanbul will be held at the Istanbul Expo Center between 2-4 May this year.

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