Dinnissen features three of its innovations in second online exhibition

23 November 20202 min reading

Dinnissen Process Technology B.V., a leading specialist in process technology of powders, particles and granules, organized an online exhibition for the second time. With this digital exhibiton, the company presents three of its latest innovations: the Big-Bag Conditioner, the Multisize Sample Carousel, and Big-Bag innovation.

While the COVID-19 pandemic process increased the significance of the digital world, Dinnissen Process Technology B.V., Dutch machinery manufacturer for the compound feed industry, announced that they are organizing on online exhibition, Online Expo Autumn 2020, for the second time.

The company presents three of its state-of-the-art technology within this event; the Big-Bag Conditioner, the Multisize Sample Carousel, and our Big-Bag innovation that integrates high-care filling with low-care automatic palletizing.

The Big-Bag Conditioner

“At this online autumn exhibition, we will provide you with a glimpse of the latest innovations and developments at Dinnissen. Moreover, here we give you the opportunity to speak with our specialists,” the company announced in a press release.

Underlining that emptying large bags is a difficult and slow process for many producers, the company introduced “The Big-Bag Conditioner” and expressed that this machine is the solution to the clumped products that cannot flow out properly.

Multisize Sample Carousel

The company features Multisize Sample Carousel as follows: “The Multisize Sample Carousel makes it for the first time possible to collect different sample sizes in one automated sampling process…

Every second that our customers' production lines standstill is one too many. Together with our customers, we innovate production processes to maximize output and minimize downtime.”

The Big-Bag Conditioner

The last machine promoted, Big-Bag innovation, “combines high-care filling with low-care palletizing.”

Emphasizing the convenience of filling big bags in high-care zones with this state-of-the-art technology, the company said: “It complies with all requirements for high-care, medium-care, and low-care filling, processing, sealing, and transportation of Big-Bags. In addition, this solution is equipped with a fully automatic palletizing station.”

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