Bühler & Premier Tech unveil cost-efficient solutions at IDMA 24

28 May 20242 min reading

At IDMA Istanbul 2024, the industry giants Bühler and Premier Tech unveiled the CHRONOS OML-1060 and OMP 2090, setting a new standard for cost efficiency, safety, and reliability in automated packaging solutions. With a focus on affordability, precision, and ease of operation, these cutting-edge technologies promise to revolutionize packaging across the grain, food, pet food, and feed processing industries.

At IDMA 24, Bühler & Premier Tech presented their latest automated packaging solutions with the CHRONOS OML-1060 and OMP 2090. These solutions are the firsts of many to be developed through the two companies’ bulk packaging equipment joint venture.

“What is magical about this partnership for our customers is to benefit from Premier Tech’s technological know-how, Bühler’s operational know-how, and unparalleled customer support from two organizations with a global footprint,” said André Noreau, chief executive officer of Premier Tech’s Systems and Automation.


The CHRONOS OML-1060 is a fully automatic packaging solution for the grain, food, pet food and feed processing industries with the same design and technology used in the companies’ existing solutions but is more affordable. Fully enclosed to ensure safety and limit operator interaction, without compromising accuracy or reliability but optimized for flexibility, quality, accuracy, and cost effectiveness, the packaging system has a compact operational footprint to optimize floorspace, operation and maintenance.


This first open-mouth bagger introduced by Premier Tech Systems and Automation and Bühler can manage 20 to 50 kg bags at speeds up to 600 bags of any type per hour, including non-laminated poly-woven packages and most common bag closing systems. Next to the OML 1060, the OMP 2090B is optimized for the flour packaging, dosage unit with 2 filling spouts, offers highly precise and fast production. Dust emissions and losing products are significantly reduced for a safe and reliable filling which preserve product integrity.


With an easy access for cleaning and maintenance, this equipment needs short time of training to operate it properly and efficiently.

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