AB Vista launches free dietary fiber calculator

02 April 20212 min reading

Global feed additive manufacturer AB Vista launched an online and free tool called online dietary fiber calculator to help nutritionists optimize animal diets.

AB Vista, a leading feed additive business headquartered in the UK, with regional offices located in the USA, Brazil, Singapore, Spain, India, China, Germany and Finland, has launched a free tool to assist nutritionists as they formulate animal diets.

The online dietary fiber calculator uses average values of global raw materials to calculate the dietary fiber content of finished animal feed. The tool also analyzes other fiber parameters, too.

The calculator offers the option of entering up to 28 different raw materials, along with the daily total intake in kg, to show the fiber composition of the feed and the daily fiber intake in either a data or graphic view.

“As feed additive specialists, we know that the role of fiber in monogastric diets can be misunderstood and that achieving the optimum fiber fraction can be challenging, even for experienced nutritionists,” says AB Vista Global Technical Support Manager Xaviere Rousseau.

Rousseau also said that they have designed the tool to be a straightforward, easy to access way to assess the total dietary fiber content of finished feed.

The parameters that have been taken into consideration under the formulation of the calculator represent the values that are available within company’s new Dietary Fiber analysis service, part of the company’s comprehensive NIR offering.

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