2017 Global Aquaculture Innovation Award to Bunge

27 November 20172 min reading

The US-based food company Bunge and Dutch producer Corbion were granted the 2017 Global Aquaculture Innovation Award.

bunge_algaprimedhaThe joint venture of Bunge, which is doing business in more than 40 countries, with Corbion, Dutch-based lactic acid producer, was granted the 2017 Global Aquaculture Innovation Award for their new product, AlgaPrimeDHA. The award was given by the Global Aquaculture Partnership (GAA) which was established in 2012 and aims to draw attention to the solutions to the problems faced in aquaculture. The product originating from the aquafeed ingredient sector is used for enhancing the nutritional value of seafood with long-chain Omega-3 content. Miguel Oliveira, Bunge's Vice President of Global Innovation stated, "Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food production systems in the world - a market estimated to reach $200 billion annually by 2020. We're producing AlgaPrime DHA at an unprecedented scale to address this growing need, offering supply chain resilience and on demand production without the constraints of geography, seasonality and changing climate conditions." Walt Rakitsky, Emerging Business & Corporate Account Leaders for Corbion, added, "We are extremely honored to receive this award. The Global Aquaculture Innovation Award represents the future of aquaculture, and we believe that AlgaPrime DHA is a key feed ingredient for the industry's continued growth." AlgaPrimeDHA is currently produced at Corbion's and Bunge's SB Renewable Oils joint venture facility in Brazil. The facility embodies the principles of sustainable production to produce algae-based products with low carbon, water and land use impacts. Based on sugarcane feedstock, AlgaPrime DHA has a lower carbon and water footprint and higher yield per hectare than DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) produced from most other non-marine sources.

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