$2.4 million investment for Iowa feed plant

15 October 20162 min reading

Purina Mills made $2.4 million capital investment to modernize the Purina Animal Nutrition plant in Iowa.  The modernization project will increase the output amount 25 percent.

purinaA $2.4 million capital investment was made by Purina Mills to boost production capacity at the Purina Animal Nutrition plant that has been making livestock feed in Iowa, USA for 55 years. The upgrades will increase availability of locally produced feed to farms in northcentral and northeast Iowa and southeast Minnesota. The Purina Animal Nutrition feed manufacturing facility makes 364 products in different forms for many styles of farm operations. Purina’s goal is to develop feed products that help animal owners unlock the greatest potential of every animal. According to the statement of the company, the modernization project will increase the amount of young animal feed the plant can make each year by 25 percent. Changes leading to this increase include additional finished feed storage, faster load-out for customers and more powerful, efficient pelleting equipment. Increasing pelleting capacity is considered important for this plant, which services key dairy and swine production areas in Iowa and Minnesota. Feeds in pelleted forms are commonly fed to growing pigs and dairy calves. Pelleted feeds make up 60 percent of the plant’s production output.

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