İmas receives ‘Product Showcase 2023’ award by IAOM

03 May 20232 min reading

Multimilla Roller Mill offering higher operational reliability and extended long term durability with its new Polymer Base Construction®, has been awarded in Product Showcase 2023 innovation awards during IAOM USA event in Minnesota, USA.

The 127th of annual IAOM USA Conference & Exhibition was held in Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Hotel between 17-21 April 2023, as a three days of education, networking and fellowship meeting for all North and South American milling professionals. In addition, the show gives opportunity milling equipment producers to introduce their innovations each year.

İmas team excited to announce that this year Multimilla Roller Mill with its new Polymer Base Construction® receives Product Showcase 2023 innovation award by IAOM USA.

The presentation of Multimilla Roller Mill was given at the İmas booth by Mr Diwakar Modakam – General Manager of İmas North America. And after the selection of jury, he also took the award on behalf of İmas team.



İmas R&D and Engineering team has developed an alternative roller mill chassis construction material to the steel or cast iron, with the use of polymeric composites as being the first application in milling industry.

The major advantage of using patented polymeric composites in the roller mill chassis is that they have a great vibration resistance, enabling a more reliable operation and extended long term durability of the machine.


The new Polymer Base Construction® material has actually 10 times better vibration damping ability than the cast iron, and even 20 times better than the welded steel chassis. Moreover, it has comparatively lower thermal conductivity, higher rigidity and corrosion resistance, and better production flexibility advantages with reduced production time, cost, and footprint.



İmas today plays with the vision to be one of leading global brands in flour and feed milling technologies, with the experience of over 30 years in the industry.

İmas produces whole range of grain milling machinery and builds turnkey flour, maize, and feed mills worldwide, with more than 500 project references in 5 continents and over 100 countries.

İmas is among top 1.000 leading exporters of Turkey. Moreover, the company is the only milling machinery producer having public offering since April 2022, with an increasing value of shares in İstanbul Stock Exchange every day.

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