IGC welcomes Anita Katial as new chairperson

16 August 20232 min reading

Anita Katial has been named the Chairperson of the International Grains Council (IGC) for 2023/24. Under her leadership, the U.S. aims to bolster transparency in global grain markets and will host the 59th IGC Council Session in New Orleans in January 2024.

The International Grains Council (IGC) has announced a leadership change, naming Ms. Anita Katial as its Chairperson for the 2023/24 cycle. Ms. Katial, formerly the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Agricultural Counselor for the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, stationed at the U.S. Embassy in London, takes the reins following Kenya's tenure.

Under the U.S. chairmanship, there's a renewed emphasis on collaboration with the IGC Secretariat and its member nations. The primary goal is to enhance transparency and the flow of information in the global grains, oilseeds, rice, and pulses markets. By ensuring accurate and timely trade flow data, the U.S. aims to strengthen policy decision-making and fortify global food security. Key initiatives include the introduction of a biodiesel dashboard and real-time grain movement updates. Additionally, the U.S. champions the virtues of open markets and is keen on broadening the IGC's membership.

The grain industry calendar has also been updated with the announcement that the United States will be hosting the 59th IGC Council Session. A specialized Grains Forum, emphasizing logistics and infrastructure, will coincide with this event in New Orleans, Louisiana, from 23-24 January 2024.

Reflecting on her new role, Ms. Katial shared, “IGC is rightly held in high regard for the work it does promoting expansion, openness, and fairness in the grains sector; supporting and improving international cooperation in grains trade; and contributing to grain market stability and world food security. I look forward to partnering with the incoming Vice Chair, Hamed Oussama Salhi from Algeria, and the IGC team to deliver on this mission, add important tools and applications that will support its members, while also working to promote the expansion of IGC’s member base.”

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