FRA®melco names Peter Zondervan as new Managing Director

15 December 20213 min reading

FRA®melco announced the appointment of Peter Zondervan as new managing director. With Zondervan as COO, FRA®melco has celebrated many successes.

Dutch feed additives manufacturer FRA®melco announced that Peter Zondervan is appointed as Managing Director. Zondervan has been FRA®melco’s Chief Operational Officer (COO) since 2018 and has 20+ years of experience in the livestock industry.

Lars Snijders (former CEO & Managing Director) commented: “My successor, Mr. Peter Zondervan, is well-acquainted with all colleagues and business partners. Not only because of his work during the last several years, but also because he fulfilled the role of managing director already many years ago under my father’s guidance”.

Peter Zondervan started his professional career at Akzo Nobel after his study Business Economics and Strategic Marketing in 1984. Zondervan became Managing Director of Franklin and he got acquainted with the Snijders family in 1997. After three years as MD, Zondervan joined Kanters Special Products to take on the position of Commercial Director. After a period of 16 years at Kanters, Zondervan re-united with the Snijders family and joined FRA®melco for the position Chief Operation Officer (COO).

With Zondervan as COO, FRA®melco has celebrated many successes. FRA®melco expanded and opened a third production site in Thailand. A strategic decision to realize faster supply to the Asian market and to strengthen FRA®melco’s global presence. Meanwhile, production facilities in the Netherlands and Spain were upgraded and increased in capacity. The factory in Spain tripled lysolecithin production capacity to 9.000 tons per year in 2020.

As global market leader in glycerides, FRA®melco develops and manufactures glycerides mixtures of (esterified) short-chain fatty acids like butyric acid (C4) to medium-chain fatty acids like lauric acid (C12). Glycerides are a perfect tool to reduce antibiotics in animal feed. In addition to glycerides, FRA®melco produces and markets lysolecithins. These lysolecithins are highly cost-effective feed additives that improve animal production factors such as growth and FCR.

While glycerides have proven to control pathogens, support natural body defence systems and stimulate intestinal health, lysolecithins are known to maximize fat digestion and enhance nutrient absorption. Both technologies add significant value to animal health and performance. Working with a strong network of business partners, FRA®melco is active in 67 countries.

In December 2020, Bluestar Adisseo announced that it has completed the acquisition of FRA®melco. Adisseo’s global infrastructure and market service will bring FRA®melco’s glyceride and lysolecithin technologies to the next level.

Zondervan has already worked closely with Adisseo to improve the safety at FRA®melco’s production facilities and is ready to take on his new position: “FRA®melco has a motivated and flexible team that is ready to take on the opportunities that arise from joining Adisseo. FRA® feed additives and FRA® drinking water solutions, together with Adisseo’s products and support, result in a strong animal nutrition specialty portfolio.

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