COCERAL expects fall in Europe's grain harvest

07 June 20222 min reading

COCERAL updated the 2022 total grain harvest forecast figures of the European Union and the UK as 309.5 million tons. According to official figures, 312 million tons of grain were produced last year.

COCERAL, the association representing Europe's grain and oilseed trade, updated its March forecasts for the 2022 harvest. In its third forecast report of the year, COCERAL has foreseen that the total grain harvest will fall in EU-27 and the UK, which has recently left the Union. According to the estimated data announced by Brussels-based COCERAL, the total harvest in the region will be 309.5 million tons, with a decrease of 2.5 million tons compared to last year's figure. The figures announced in March said that the annual production would be 305.6 million tons. Although the estimates in the last report continue to indicate a decrease compared to the previous year, it was seen that they were higher than the March estimates.

Excluding durum wheat, the total wheat harvest is expected to be 143 m t with a decrease of nearly 1 million tons compared to 143.9 m t of the last year. Thanks to the on-time rains, an increase was observed in the expected volumes in Spain.

According to COCERAL, barley production, which was 59.4 million tons last year, is expected to reach 60 million tons in 2022. The region's corn crop is currently 66 million tons, 1.2 million tons down compared to the last year. Estimates for the EU-27+UK rapeseed crop indicate a volume of 19.5 million tons. Last year's production was 18.5 million tons.

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