Abalıoğlu Lezita wins Keskinoğlu sales tender

18 January 20232 min reading

Lezita submitted the highest bid in the tender for the sale of Akhisar-based Keskinoğlu Poultry’s shares in Ziraat Bank. The first stage of the tender was concluded in favor of Lezita. The result of the tender will be finalized with the approval of Ziraat Bank’s authorized bodies.

Lezita won the first stage in the tender for the sale of 99.4 percent of the shares of Tavukçuluk ve Damızcılık İşletmeleri owned by Ziraat Bank. Lezita, which has taken firm steps towards its goal of becoming an international food brand with the investments it has made in recent years, submitted the highest bid in the tender. The result of the tender, which was held on December 21, 2022, will be finalized with the approval of Ziraat Bank’s authorized bodies.

A Share Transfer Agreement will be signed between the Bank and Lezita within the period specified in the notification regarding the finalization of the result. The necessary application will be made to the Competition Board within 2 business days following the signing of the Agreement. Following the approval of the Competition Board, the share transfer will take place along with the payment.

Lezita, one of the biggest players in the white meat sector in Türkiye with its 14 percent market share, continued its investments in 2022 without slowing down. The 50-million-Euro investment of Lezita, who announced its investment in an integrated production facility of 130 million Euros in Kahramanmaraş, consists of 6 facilities in Niğde, 2 of which are breeding herd facilities and 4 are egg production units, continues. Lezita produces in Malatya with a daily processing capacity of 100,000 broilers on top of its 450,000 broiler/day processing facility in Izmir. The company also signed an investment of 5 million Euros in automation, 4 million Euros in renewable energy, 9 million Euros in charcuterie line, and 2 million Euros in line acceleration 2022.

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